Quick nod to Number Eleven!


Those of you know me, knew us, know how much we love Ed Sheeran. He was such a big part of our relationship, but he’s had a year off in 2016 and now he’s back!

So, after seeing the Facebook announcement, I was on it on Friday, excited for new music. Both releases, as expected, are awesome. Shape Of You I heard on the radio in the car. But I didn’t get to Castle On The Hill until I got home.

And, as suggested in tip #11, I cried. Not because it reminded me of Beanie in any particular way. It actually made me think of Nunu. It make me think of her growing up in this wonderful town we call home. The friends she’ll make and loose, the trouble they’ll create (don’t look at the lyrics too closely A, I’m sure Nu and E won’t get up to anything as antisocial as Friday night snogging, under age drinking and speeding on country lanes!).

But, this will always be home. And I hope that she’ll always look forward to coming back home, and have nothing but fantastic memories of being here, of growing up here and always want to come home.

And of course, as well as memories, her Daddy will always be there, at the Castle on the hill. 15259512_10100979612668022_8904637425534120510_o

So welcome back Ed, you’ve been missed!

Ed Sheeran – Castle On The Hill


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