An insight into the journey of me and my family through the good times of a new born baby, and the bad times of bowel cancer.

Currently working towards doing the Race for Life. Feel free to sponsor us!

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Cover photo credit goes to the wonderful Esme Ducker: http://esmeduckerphotography.com/?page_id=99


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Great to see such positivity in such circumstances, good on you. These things are ‘crap’ but you clearly coping admirably with the situation and having the addition little beaut to keep you going must help. Well done and stay strong. 💜


  2. Hi Leah, Would love to talk to you about your blog and potentially doing some work with Cancer Research UK. Would you be able to contact me when convenient? thanks, Lynn


  3. Hi Leah, what a beautiful blog. Such an inspiration. I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. It’s a great way to get your blog out there, get more followers and have a bit of fun. Check it out. Lots of love. P.s. Beautiful baby. xxx


  4. Hi Leah, I was lucky enough to work with Steve a few times over the last few years at IBM and was very sorry to hear this news over the last few months. Steve was a brilliant guy and it was a real pleasure to have known him. Reading your blog posts reminds me of him – and makes me smile, laugh and also feel very sad. Do keep writing – you clearly have a flair for it. Best wishes, Richard


  5. Hey Leah. This blog is a work of such huge courage and honesty openness and decency! It is an inspiration to anyone who engages with life bravely and consciously, knowing that life is an emotional journey and that we are better for knowing that. I find myself shamelessly crying every single time I read it. And not just a little either but huge, hot tears that I let run down my face as I read on. I lost my brother when I was 17 and my mother to Cancer when I was 24. I didn’t have the words then. I love that you have yours now. Love Steve xx


  6. Hi Leah, so I just finished reading your blog (I am a slow reader I know…) and what a way to finish reading it with your latest note. This could be a book! you’ll just have to put an age limit on it due to the amount of “F words” lol
    But seriously… You should be proud to share your story, your positivity and honesty is an inspiration to others. It’s a reminder what’s important in life – love, family, doing whatever makes us happy:)
    keep strong and positive and keep writing! Magda xx


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